For 21 years now, the Columbus based Crimson Cup Coffee and Tea which has roasted and packaged some of the higher quality coffees, now offers a roster and coffee franchise alternative without fees and royalties. According to Greg Ubert, founder and president,

There's much more to running a successful coffee house than knowing how to brew coffee and make espresso-based drinks," he said. "It's a tall order to master all the elements of running a small business while simultaneously learning the nuances of the specialty coffee business.

The lack of fees is somewhat unusual in the roasting and coffee shop business. Recurring franchise fees and royalties can eat into your margin. A Bad Ass Coffee franchise will run $35,000 annually making it less likely for the business to succeed without enough sufficient capital while growing the business.

For entrepreneurs looking to start a coffee house or purchase an existing coffee shop, Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea will help you create a business plan covering the bases such as location, hiring, training staff and purchasing the right equipment.

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